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Why Republic of Belarus?

The Republic of Belarus is a unitary democratic social state based on the rule of law, with an open and fast growing economy. Belarus is a landlocked country, but due to its geographic position acts as an important transport and trade corridor between the EU and the CIS countries.
A number of oil and gas pipelines, railways and highways, water routes and communication lines cross the territory of the republic.
Belarus actively implements the policy of preferential investment treatment: in the Industrial park, free economic zones, small towns and rural areas, in case of signing of investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus.
In 2010 Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia created the Customs Union, in 2012 they proceeded with the formation of the Common Economic Space (CES) and in 2014 signed the Agreement on creation of Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) which will operate since January 1, 2015. A number of regional countries (Armenia, Kyrgyzstan) declared its intention to join the Union in 2015. Belarus actively participates in integration projects (Common Economic Space, Eurasian Economic Union), that gives investors access to the large Eurasian market












































Legislation of the Republic of Belarus is based on the European principles, guarantees all the investor rights, admits the use of British, Swiss, Italian or any other law and arbitration.
It covers all the modern investment schemes: from creation of foreign and joint enterprises to concession agreements.
In 2014 progressive law on investment, developed in cooperation with the International Finance Corporation, entered into force. It envisages the improvement of fundamental investment legislation on the basis of best international practices, provides simplicity and transparency of the stated norms and terms, ensures essential protection guarantees for investors.
Belarus is a party to the Convention on the settlement of investment disputes between the states and nationals of other states, March 18, 1965.
Belarus is a member of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA). It creates the conditions (according to international standards) for covering risks of foreign investors, confirms that the country is ready to follow the generally accepted rules and standards of international economic cooperation.
The National Agency of Investment and Privatization is authorised to represent interests of the Republic of Belarus on the issues of attracting investment to the country.
Its objective is to create an efficient system of attracting foreign direct investments to the economy of Belarus, including by improvement of the privatization mechanism.
Agency acts as a “one-stop shop” assisting foreign investors during the whole process of investment project implementation including post-project support (aftercare).
Its services are free of charge for foreign investors.
The National Agency of Investment and Privatization