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Dear friends,

The Slavgorod region is proud of its age-long traditions, centuries-old history, unique culture and folklore.

People have always been the most valuable and important asset. It is owing to their talents and labour that the region has repeatedly got back to its feet after the severest ordeals.

We are proud of our people, history, culture and historical heritage and take an active part in building a strong and prosperous Belarus.

Owing to the efforts of the local authorities and companies, the region has been successfully meeting the targets of the socio-economic development forecast.

The region has been taking measures to increase output, improve financial situation of the companies of the real production sector as well as qualitative parameters of the main branches of the national economy.

The incomes of the population have been growing what have helped increase the demand for goods and services and encourage sales. The region has introduced all state social standards.

The region has recently placed emphasis on the development of agro-towns, beatification of population centres, renovation of dwellings and socio-cultural facilities have been in the centre of the region. 

The main goal is to develop the social sphere and to create decent living and labour conditions.

I am convinced that diligence, strong moral qualities of residents of the Slavgorod region will continue inspiring optimism and confidence about the future.

Zhigutsky Konstantin Aleksandrovich, the Chairman of the Slavgorod Regional Executive Committee